YMO Eyewear Looks to Expand Its Global Reach


YMO Eyewear

is taking steps to achieve its goal of being the most reliable eyewear manufacturer in China, YMOGroup.com (also know as Chongqing Yameiou Glasses Co., Ltd) announces.

YMO Eyewear proudly announces a new partnership with the American consulting firm Jesselton LLC. This firm focuses on cross-border management and the partnership has been formed with the goal of helping the eyewear production company expand its business globally. Doing so helps to cement the manufacturer’s position as the most reliable Eyewear production company in the country. Cultural differences often impede global trade, and YMO Eyewear is looking to change this. First and foremost, the company works to understand these differences. Once this has been achieved, direct communication, efficient management, and mutual cooperation help to break the barriers down and overcome the differences.

“Many Chinese companies focus on short-term gain, and this led to the negligence of quality control, customer service, and effective communication. Leveraging cultural management for sales growth is not a new idea but it is definitely a game changer in the Chinese eyewear industry at this very moment. YMO Eyewear aims to establish long-term business relationships, to adapt global management standards, to align quality expectations with clients, and to comply with regulatory bodies. Our mission is to be the most reliable eyewear manufacturer in China that is capable of providing services with world-class standards.” stated Steven Shi (CEO).

Vision impairment remains a problem worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, 253 million individuals are visually impaired. Furthermore, 53 percent of these individuals suffer from uncorrected refractive errors. Myopia is a condition in which distant objects cannot be seen clearly, while hyperopia is a problem in which close objects are blurry. Astigmatism comes about as a result of a cornea that isn’t curved properly, which leads to a distortion in vision, and presbyopia is the natural decline in vision that accompanies aging.

Thankfully, these errors may be rectified with the help of corrective lenses, contact lenses or surgery. However, people may be hesitant to make use of corrective lenses as they are disappointed by a lack of high-quality frames. YMO Eyewear strives to be the provider of sunglasses and optical frames that every person would be proud to wear. When combined with lenses sourced from internationally renowned brands, the glasses will achieve the goals of vision correction and aesthetic appeal.

“I could not be more excited about our cooperation with YMO Eyewear. In coming months, we will build a multinational sales team, introduce a cross-border business management framework, optimize standard-operating-procedures, and minimize communication/cultural barriers. ‘Understanding cultural differences’ is the core element of our consulting model, being cultural competent will definitely enhance global trades.”, said Jesselton senior consultant, Joshua Kweh.

About YMO Eyewear:

YMO Eyewear was established in 2015 with an investment capital of RMB250 million. It comprises four corporations from handling international inquiries to productions. YMO Eyewear’s manufacturing facilities are strategically situated in Shenzhen and Chongqing, with a combined area of 161,000 square feet.

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Name: Ashley Moore
Email: pr@ymogroup.com
Organization: YMO Eyewear
Address: No.1 Building, Xingyuan Road, Yangtze Gorges Immigrant Eco-Industrial Park of Fengjie District, Chongqing, China
Phone: +1 (888) 790 7888

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