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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to provide you as much information about the eyewear production as possible 



I am a first-time buyer, how do I start ?

First of all, welcome to our website and many thanks for your great interest! We suggest you to read through our website, gather some basic information about your project such as budget, design (or sketches), and timeline. Contact us via email or telephone, we will provide you a free consultation about what and how you can do. Sleep on it, come back to us anytime whenever you are ready.

What makes you different than other manufacturers ?

Projecting confidence is almost like an instinct, whenever this question is asked, you will normally get an answer like this: "We are the best in the industry! The rest is just not as good."

However, we differ ourselves from other manufacturers by emphasizing on communication (the fancy version would be - by emphasizing on cultural management). Understanding differences is the fundamental of communication, it allows us to align our perspectives and to achieve the result we actually expected.

A simple example, in Ireland, number 4 represents luck as it symbolizes the 4-leaf-clover. As in China, number 4 is being avoided in almost everywhere as the tone of 4 sounds similar to death. So, if without the awareness of differences, can you imagine how it would go when two businesses from different cultural background get together and start discussing about their goal? We will let you draw your own conclusion.

What languages do you speak ?

We speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and broken-German (speak fluently during Oktoberfest).

Where are your offices ?

We have a total of 4 business premises (two offices and two factories): 1 office in Hong Kong, 1 office in Shenzhen, 1 factory in Shenzhen and 1 factory in Chongqing.

Can I pay you a visit ?

Anyone who is interested in YMO Eyewear is always welcome to visit our offices and factories, face to face meeting is indeed the most effective communication way. Furthermore, in fact, it is a great opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities and product quality.



How many years has the factory/company been in business ?

YMO Eyewear was officially established in 2015, however the team that founded the company has an average of 25 years of industry experience. Prior to the establishment of YMO Eyewear, the team was running an eyewear factory in Shenzhen - Shenzhen Siweida Glasses Co., Ltd since 2006. Siweida is now one of the subsidiaries of YMO Eyewear.

Who is the owner of YMO Eyewear ?

The owner and chairman of the company is Steven Shi, Steven has 28 years of eyewear production and management experience. He started at the assembly line and worked his way up to owning and managing factories.

Steven is actively involved in the industry and currently holds titles of:

  • the Vice President of Guangdong Province Optical Association
  • the Vice President of Chongqing Optical Association
  • the Vice President of Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Association

How many companies are under YMO Eyewear (or YMO Group) ?

There are 4 companies within YMO Eyewear (or YMO Group):

  • YMO Chongqing (Chongqing Yameiou Glasses Co., Ltd)
  • YMO Shenzhen (Shenzhen Yameiou Glasses Co., Ltd)
  • Siweida Shenzhen (Shenzhen Siweida Glasses Co., Ltd)
  • Ceforder Eyewear International Limited

Is there a dedicated international sales/trade division ?

Yes, there is a dedicated international sales/trade division within the company, there are currently 3 major teams handling the transactions and customer service. The division is led by a team of experts with extensive global trade experience who understand the 'East-and-West' working behavior and business etiquette.

  • North America/South America/Europe
  • Middle East/Australia
  • East Asia

How many employees do you currently have ?

We currently have 400 employees, and we are constantly hiring to enhance our team and to cope with the rapid business expansion. YMO Eyewear is aiming to have 1000 employees hired within the next 3 years.

What is your employee's turnover rate ?

YMO Eyewear established in 2015, and our entire team has an average of employment years of 2.5. Hence, our employee turnover rate is considerably low if compared to the industry standard.



Where do you export to ?

We export to 15 countries in 4 continents (Asia, Australia, America, and Europe):

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

Which are your top 3 markets ?

These are our top 3 markets, percentage refers to YMO Eyewear's annual production:

  • Italy - 30%
  • United Kingdom - 16%
  • France - 12%

What is your strength (or what can you produce with exceptional quality) ?

We are particularly good at the mid-end products, however we dedicate and reserve a small proportion of our production for the high-end products as we see this as an opportunity for us to continuously learn and improve our craftsmanship and creativity.

What is your maximum output per annum ?

Our Chongqing factory is able to produce approximately 5 million pairs of eyewear, while Shenzhen is able to produce approximately 2 million pairs of eyewear.

What is your defective rate ?

In 2018, our highest defective rate is 4.3%, however it does not mean every batch will have such a defective rate, many of the batches had a defective rate of lower than 1%.

What is your export vs. domestic business ratio ?

We export 100% of our production.

Do you produce 100% in-house? Do you subcontract some procedures ?

We have more than 200 high-tech machines with more than 400 skilled employees, therefore we are able to produce 100% in-house, from product designing to coating/plating.

What kind of frames (or of what materials) do you produce ?

We are able to produce fraes with various materials, we have also helped some of our clients to develop new materials that are exclusively for their brands. These are the example of frames we usually produce:

  • Acetate
  • Carbon
  • Metal
  • Titanium
  • TR-90
  • Wood
  • Mixed: Metal+Acetate Combine

Would I be able to develop a new type of materials for my frame design ?

Yes, we are able to help in developing new type of materials for your frame designs. In addition, we are also able to develop mixed-materials frame according to your preferences, for instance, we are able to mixed a used-leather (or vintage-fabrics) with a see through acetate to create a distinctive color and an exlusive look.

Who are your raw material suppliers ?

We work closely with world-renowned brands, our selection of suppliers would directly impact our clients reputation and operation, therefore we have a very strict suppliers screening process that must meet local and international regulatory requirements.

Our suppliers:

Mazzuchelli 1849

Crystal Star
Kang Hua

Would you work with my raw material suppliers ?

Yes, we can definitely work with your suppliers.

What is the lead-time from placing an order to shipping ?

It usually takes between 40 and 60 days, it depends on various factors, particularly the quantity. Throughout the production, we will provide you with periodic Reports to track the manufacturing progress and to ensure your order is on schedule.

Have you recently updated your production facilities ?

YMO Eyewear was established in 2015 with an investment capital of RMB250 million (approximately US$36.5 million), a large percentage of the machines were newly acquired at the time and the remaining machines were moved from Shenzhen to Chongqing.

What kind of machines do you have ?

These are the machines we have at our facilities:

  • 3-Axis CNC Machine (Brand: Sharker)
  • 4-Axis CNC Machine (Brand: Gentington)
  • 5-Axis CNC Machine (Brand: Gentington)
  • Accurate Hole Puncher (Brand: MinkMar)
  • Automatic Acetate Lamination Machine (Brand: ELT)
  • Automatic CNC Acetate Cutting Machine (Brand: Jingzheng)
  • Automatic InfraRed Shrink Machine (Brand: Dongfeng)
  • Automatic Spraying Machine (Brand: FANUC)
  • Digital Hinge-Insert Machine (Brand: Gentington)
  • Electric Discharge Machine (Brand: Weifeng)
  • Horizontal Injection Machine (Brand: Fu Qiangxing)
  • Laser Welding Machine (Brand: Minlay)
  • Metal Laser Machine (Brand: Minlay)
  • Oil Hydraulic Presser (Brand: Shiyu)
  • Pin Insert Machine (Brand: Gojoin)
  • Plastic Laser Machine (Brand: Minlay)
  • Titanium Welding Machine (Brand: Tulk)
  • Vacuum Coating Equipment (Brand: Jakou)
  • Vertical Injection Machine (Brand: Jia Xingchang, Dakwu)
  • Wire Cutting Machine (Brand: Xiongfeng)

How do you control your quality ?

We have a total of 9 stages of quality control, it depends on what kind of material we use for the eyewear production. However, we will verify the quality standard with our customer in each stage:

  1. Frame design and drawings
  2. Frame structure and details (sampling)
  3. Raw material usage
  4. Metal frame welding
  5. Metal frame polishing
  6. Acetate or plastic frame polishing
  7. Semi-finished product
  8. Packaging
  9. Finished product

How do you deal with waste ?

All our production facilities have adapted the Sort Waste Disposal (SWD) system.

  • Defective materials: The waste will be collected by Special Salvage Stations every second week
  • Wastewater: Wastewater will be filtered and disinfected within the facilities before being discharged into the industrial park disposal plant (via special sewage system within the industrial park).
  • Chemical waste: All chemical related waste (both liquid and solid form) will be collected by industrial-chemical-handling companies.
  • Plastics and resins: The waste will be collected by Special Salvage Stations for recycle purposes every week.
  • Harmful gas: Harmful gas is being handled by our facilities Gas Treatment Machines.


What are the steps to produce my product ?

Let us explain briefly about the stages:

  1. We have to understand your designs and product specifications.
  2. We will provide you a quotation, you may want to revise your design and specification at this stage.
  3. After agreeing on the quotation, we will proceed to sample/prototype making.
  4. When samples/prototypes are finally confirmed, a 30-40% of the total order value as a deposit will be collected before we move to the mass production.
  5. Quality control will be carried out in different stages throughout the production in order to avoid miscommunication and mishandling.
  6. You will need to appoint a shipper/forwarder, and have to coordinate with our logistics department for exporting the final goods to your destination. If you do not have any shipping partners, we will need to know this before hand so that we have enough time to arrange everything on your behalf.
  7. The remaining payment should be made before the goods are collected by the shipper/forwarder.

How do you handle my designs (or intellectual property) ?

Before sending over your design related documents, a Non-Disclosure-Agreement is requested to be signed by both parties. All paid molds, samples and materials are exclusively owned by the buyer (or the owner of the design).

How do I show my design, what digital format can I submit ?

Sketches, or any sort of digital drawings can be submitted to us. Our technical team is able to help transforming them into AutoCAD format.

What is the procedure of sample/prototype making ?

There are usually two steps in prototype making:

  1. Making of an initial prototype: The purpose of this type of sample is to check the product size and structure (if everything fits, otherwise a revision is needed). Therefore there is no plating and coloring in this step.
  2. Making of a final prototype: The purpose of this type of sample is to check how the final product would look like. All design details will be emphasized and included in this step.

How much do you charge for making samples ?

We will try to explain everything as straight forward as possible, the sampling fee is usually determined by these factors:

  1. Product design (fees vary and depending on the complication)
  2. Mold making (an average of US$200/piece, depending on the complication)

    When mold is needed in the sample making, the fee of US$200 will be collected upfront. The good news is, the fee will be returned to you through a deduction in your final invoice of the mass production.

How long does it take to produce samples ?

Assuming all requested materials are in stock (otherwise we need sometime to source such materials):

  1. Up to 20 days, Making of an initial prototype: The purpose of this type of sample is to check the product size and structure (if everything fits, otherwise a revision is needed). Therefore there is no plating and coloring in this step.
  2. Up to 30 days, Making of a final prototype: The purpose of this type of sample is to check how the final product would look like. All design details will be emphasized and included in this step.

What is the MOQ of production ?

As for a new design/product development, 300 pairs for ONE design (you can have 3 color variations within ONE design without extra charges).

As for one of our generic designs in our catalog, 500 pairs for ONE design (you can as well have 3 color variations within ONE design without extra charges).

We sometimes accept lower quantity if the projects intrigued us, so speak with us to find out more.

How do I choose parts and colors for my product ?

We have a list of trusted suppliers providing the latest materials and parts. We can definitely provide consultation and recommendation on parts that are suitable for your design and relevant to your budget.

Colors selection can be done in two ways, either you provide us a specific color sample (e.g. Pantone number, color toning etc), or you can as well choose from our color catalogs.

Furthermore, we are flexible on working with your appointed suppliers.

How long does the production take ?

It usually takes between 40 and 60 days, it depends on various factors, particularly the quantity. Throughout the production, we will provide you with periodic reports to track the manufacturing progress and to ensure your order is on schedule.

What if my order has more than 5% of defective goods ?

If the defective rate is or more than 5%, YMO Eyewear is obliged to compensate either in financial term or replace the defective products by producing new ones. YMO Eyewear guarantees 96% of perfect quality for each batch.

What sort of payment terms do you accept ?

We usually collect a 30-40% of the total order value as a deposit before the production begins, then the remaining 60-70% after the production before the shipping.

As for incoterms, we are currently offering Ex-Works, FOB, CIF and DAP. If you prefer something else, we can definitely discuss about it.

What kind of payment methods do you accept ?

We accept wire transfer via Western Union and our official bank account that is in Hong Kong.



What if I want to continue producing my products with you ?

YMO Eyewear will keep your data and communication history for 6 months, if customer for any reasons no longer interested in continue the cooperation, we will delete all the information.

If customers are interested in continue working with us, and if the same products are needed to be produced again, a simple order can be place via email and the procedure is as follow:

  1. send purchase order via email
  2. confirm timeline and shipping method
  3. payment of 30-40% of the total order value
  4. payment of remaining 60-70% when production is completed
  5. arrange shipper/forwarder to pick up goods

Can I contact you if I have inquiries about production in China ?

Yes, everyone is always welcome to contact us for questions regarding manufacturing in China. We will try our best to help.

Can I contact you to suggest improvements or to criticize ?

Communication is important in every relationship, our communication motto is "When there is an issue, we speak about it, we find solutions for it, and we solve it together." In order to produce a great product, we believe we need to constantly collect feedback and critiques, and continuously boost improvement and innovation in production. We would like to provide you with full assistance in building and establishing a strong brand, and to establish a long-term relationship with you as a reliable partner.

I still have some unanswered questions, what now ?

Please write to us on the contact page and we will reply you within 24 hours, or email us at .